"It's hard to put into words ... when the investment in Design 
has created something that little bit special, 
even the smallest space can become a vibrant place to live and work"

Atriarc's Design Consultants are based in west Wales and south Wales however our coverage extends across Wales and south west England. Whether we are designing a simple extension or master-planning a major development site, the design development process is one of the key elements which we consider requires significant consideration. The design of an extension, or the relationship between public and private space for a large scale housing site, can have a huge impact on how we live and work in the built and natural environment. With qualified Urban Designers and a strong network of professional Architects, Atriarc Group can provide a highly qualified and distinguished service.
Atriarc Group designers, in conjunction with our planning team, offer a wide range of services which cover;
When designing a new scheme the primary aim of Atriarc Group is to preserve and enhance the quality of the built and natural environment. We are also committed to improving knowledge and peoples understanding of the built and natural environment which is why we also offer tailor made training packages to individuals or groups of people interested in the learning more about the design, and/ or the planning process in general.