Conservation Area Consent


Conservation areas are designated for their architectural, cultural and historical significance. Within these areas, planning and development restrictions are often far stricter whereby permitted development rights for minor alterations are often removed through the imposition of an Article 4 Direction. Conservation Area Consent is therefore often required to undertake even minor aspects of development, for instance building a small boundary wall or replacing wooden windows with UPVC.
Whilst a building within a Conservation Area may not be Listed; the criteria for assessing a development proposal often raises similar considerations. Any development should therefore pay due regard to the local area.

At Atriarc our highly skilled staff can assist with advising clients on all aspects of the design and submission process, to ensure any development does not detract from the original building or wider area. If we identify that a proposed development would detract from the finer qualities of a Conservation area, our experience can assist offering alternative development solutions - key to ensuring a successful outcome.