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Preliminary Consultation - 19th July 2016 Consultation Documents

The Lawrenny site has been under development since early 2006 when the initial allocation was brought forward via a design competition, with entrants from across Europe. Following the appointment of Emmett Russell Architects, consultations were held with the local community, Pembrokeshire National Parks and various stakeholders to input into the scheme.In recent months, following recent market improvement, the scheme has been under further consideration to bring forward the site for development purposes. The proposed scheme will see the existing farm relocated from the village to Broad Lane, to allow for the existing farm site to be redeveloped for residential purposes. The preliminary plans propose, 33 dwellings, consisting of a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units, a studio office area (with circa 7 units) and a biomass district heating system to serve the proposed development (with options for existing residents to connect into the system). Further upgrades are also proposed, for example, upgrading foul and drainage infrastructure, bringing fibre optic broadband to the village and replacing existing transformers.

Farm relocation

The current dairy farm is an organic farm unit located on the proposed residential site. Part of the existing farm is also located to the north-west of the proposed residential development site. The farm buildings located on the residential site are currently utilised but with changing methods of production the buildings are not best suited to modern farming methods (or for access for equipment). Due to the size and age of the buildings and infrastructure in situ; the redevelopment of the farm brings with it ecological and amenity benefits, relocating the farm and farm traffic, from the village to lands to the north-east of the village.

A copy of the draft plans are attached below, proposing one new dairy unit, a young-stock building, a new slurry (technical details and location subject to further on-going review), a silage clamp and a cattle underpass, leading under Broad Lane.

Residential scheme

The current scheme has been developed taking into account the site opportunities and constraints as well as key design features in the village. The current scheme proposes 33 units. The site also includes an office area to encourage sustainable place making, creating a live-work community, along with a biomass storage and infrastructure building, located to the north-west of the site.

The proposed biomass system provides a unique sustainable heating facility for the proposed dwellings. The Biomass building is sited for practicality reasons whilst also balancing visual impact and servicing requirements. It is currently envisaged that the estate will seek to actively manage the forested lands under ownership, to provide timber to supply the system in the medium to long term.

As a unique village located within the National Park, design parameters are seen to be key to ensuring the new development can be successfully integrated with the village. The design ensures that the highways do not dominate the site and a village pedestrian environment (with a focal square) can allow the new dwellings to successfully engage with the existing community.

Further detailed design analysis is provided in the following plans and consultation boards prepared by Emmett Russell Architects

Keep updated

As the plans progress further consultations will be undertaken to ensure the community is engaged with the development proposal. If you would like to receive further updates as the scheme progresses please email with the subject header, Lawrenny, to be added to the mailing list.