Agricultural Development

Agricultural Development

"At Atriarc we see agricultural employers as being key custodians of the land and a vital element to protecting a crucial natural resource. As such we are fully committed to assisting the agricultural sector which forms a vital part of the rural economy."

Over the years, the agricultural sector has faced an increasing number of challenges not least to maintain commercial viability with the rising costs of basic materials such as fuel, feed and equipment. Our agricultural specialists can offer a range of advice whether it be expanding and improving your existing farm business, or whether you seek advice to see how best to diversify your business for alternative means. Common services provided to the agricultural sector include,

    • Exploring Development opportunities

    • Preparing Prior Approval Applications for new or replacement outbuildings,

    • Submitting full planning applications, and

    • Managing Environmental Assessments

Our company director is fully versed in this aspect of development having run and been involved the family business for a number of years (most recently developing two redundant out-buildings for residential and holiday letting purposes).

One of our current contracted construction projects (pictured) involves converting two redundant outbuildings, circa 1900, into a holiday let, due to be open in the summer of 2013, and a residential dwelling. For further information on phase one join our mailing list via our contacts pages, or subscribe to updates via the Directors Blog pages.