"From household to commercial projects, our energy can help you

meet your energy needs"

The development of renewable energy systems forms a significant part of UK energy policy. The growth of micro generation systems has proved particular popular with households and commercial business alike seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and long term energy costs.

The planning implications will vary tremendously depending on the type and size of the installation, its location and whether any environmental impacts may result. Common installations include,

    • Wind turbines

    • Solar thermal and solar voltaic energy installations

    • Hydro electric installations

    • Anaerobic Digestion (Biogas) Facilities

    • Energy from renewable fuels or waste

    • Ground source heating

    • Air source heating

At Atriarc we are well versed in taking forward renewable technology permissions and providing assistance to communities on the likely implications of any development proposal. For further information please contact Atriarc.