Household Development

Household Development

Your home is likely to be one of your biggest investments

and ensuring that any alterations do not detract from

your property is a big consideration when undertaking any project

Extending or altering your home can often provide an economical way of creating additional living space or simply enhance your quality of life by providing a nicer living environment.

Permitted Development

Some household alterations fall within what is known as Permitted Development. Permitted Development alterations do not require any form of planning permission; however building regulations may need to be satisfied depending on the works being undertaken. Please note; if you live in a Conservation Area permitted development rights may be removed by an Article 4 Direction and Conservation Area Consent may be required. It is also worth noting that permitted development rights do not extend to Listed Buildings; however this does not mean that a complementary addition could not be accommodated.

Lawful Development Certificates

In some instances you may wish to apply for a Lawful Development Certificate by submitting an application to the Local Planning Authority to ensure any works being undertaken are classified as ‘permitted’ and not requiring planning permission. This is often a useful mechanism when selling a property to demonstrate a property’s potential to buyers.

Planning Applications

If permitted development rights are exceeded by existing and/ or proposed structures a full planning application will be required. At Atriarc we work closely with our clients to ensure your needs are satisfied and that the design of any alteration does not detract from the overall character of the property. The design of any alteration is critical to ensuring the success of any spaces created.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, at Atriarc we can arrange for one of our consultants to meet you at your home to assess and recommend potential ways forward. Common applications include;

    • Single and two storey extensions

  • Conservatory extensions

    • Dormer and roof alterations

    • New garages and garage conversions

    • Boundary fencing and land level changes

For further information why not contact Atriarc to discuss your requirements.