About us

About us

"Our team ethic allows Atriarc to act as lead agents or equally as a specialist contributor to projects on a case by case basis"

During a visit to Berlin to study the city's architecture and public space, the company director visited DZ Bank near Bradenburg Gate where a discussion on the arcs and curves of the glazed Atria gave rise to a concept and vision to form Atriarc.

The company name was formed from the term Atria, a chamber of the heart and also an architectural term describing an area of open space within a building. The company name and philosophy reflects our passion and commitment to facilitate your development project. With an alternative business structure and a committed network of affiliated independent companies, we can draw on a wide range of expertise to suit each and every development project.

Business Principles

"What makes us different to many other consultancies is that we also undertake our own development projects so we fully understand all aspects of the development process. This experience allows us to have a far greater understanding of how your project may evolve, from conception through to completion."

Atriarc Group's key principle is to provide out clients with the highest level of service. To ensure our high standards are maintained we provide straight to the point advice on the planning, design and environmental requirements to ensure clients personal, business and commercial needs are wholly met.

For further information or to discuss your proposal contact us now or to find out more about Atriarc why not follow us 'on the move'.

Company Information

Atriarc Planning & Construction is the trading name for Richard Wayne Reynolds Ltd.

Registered Company No. 8046415

VAT Registered No. 136 0533 39

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